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Hello, my name is Keirsten. I am a wife and full-time working mother of two. Like so many others, I am constantly busy! I have a passion for health, wellness and fitness. I was active in sports during my school years. I started running track, lifting weights and working out in the 7th grade. I’ve always tried to stay active.  And to be honest, since I’ve been exercising for so long, most of the time, I’m afraid of what will happen to my body, if I stop now. 🙂 I cannot say I’ve always eaten the way I probably should but as an adult, I continue to work out and try to live a healthy lifestyle.  Two years ago, I was certified as a Personal trainer. Due to my work life and home life, I do not have any clients right now.  I am interested in helping myself (along with others) strive to fit fitness into my everyday life.

I wanted to start a blog, so I can share my wellness journey with others. I hope to share my own experiences, tips and thoughts, as well as learn from others. I feel that a healthy lifestyle involves not only your body but your mind and spirit also. I try to work on my inside just as much, if not more, than on how I look on the outside. I am hoping that blogging will help to keep me more on track-consistent with working out and and with eating better.  I see blogging as a way for me to help others who are trying to work out and eat right too. Or, even those who just think about it but haven’t actually taken any action to make it happen yet. We’ve all been there! 🙂

I plan to share exercises, articles and fitness tips that I read. I would like to keep track of my progress via photos on my blog. I want to try different workouts and share my experience, feelings and hopefully good results :).  I hope to have others share posts. I would like others to share experiences, thoughts, positive motivation techniques etc. and build a community of support. It is okay to disagree, as long your comments are constructive!  I don’t want any negative comments about others or posters who are “downers”. If you don’t have anything nice to say (that won’t help someone else), keep your posts to yourself!!!

Loving yourself physically and spiritually is a constant journey (size doesn’t matter, it’s about feeling good whatever size you are). Let’s work on it and achieve it together!

P.S. I’m really into quotes, so you will see a lot of those too. Here’s my first one :)…

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united.”-Alexander von Humboldt

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