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Workin’ out day and night!

Whether you work out in the morning to start your day, or end your day with a good workout before turning in, it’s your choice. There are benefits to both. Here are some to help you figure out what works best in your daily routine. Either way, you can’t lose!

Benefits of A.M workouts (reference;

Time flies when your workout’s not done.

You plan to work out, but your busy day throws a curveball, leaving you scrambling to finish your to-do list by bedtime.

That’s why you should exercise first thing in your day. In fact, about 90% of people who exercise consistently do it in the morning. It’s the only way to guarantee you won’t skip it.

Your metabolism won’t boost itself.

You roll out of bed, throw on some clothes and stumble out the door on your way to another busy day. Are you even awake yet? Your metabolism certainly isn’t.

Not only does morning exercise help you burn calories during the actual workout, but its effects linger after you’re finished.

It’s your choice to be a night owl or an early bird.

You have an internal clock that thrives on routine. Give yourself a strict bedtime, force yourself to wake up when your alarm goes off (no snoozing!), and exercise each day – even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

A.M. exercise helps you sleep better in the p.m.

Hitting the gym in the morning helps you hit the sack at night. A study published in the scientific journal Sleep showed that overweight or obese women who began a regular morning exercise routine slept better than those who exercised regularly in the evening.

A morning workout is better than coffee.

Oxygen, not caffeine, is what your brain wants in the morning. So instead of reaching for the coffeepot, reach for your sneakers and you’ll get all the brain-boosting benefits you need.

Benefits of P.M. workouts (reference; and

You will also benefit a great deal from working out in the evening if your peak strength time is during these hours.

Researchers say that you can exercise up to 30 minutes before bedtime without disrupting sleep patterns. In fact, it may help you fall asleep faster.

Afternoon is the best time to exercise for optimal workout performance quality.

Muscles are warm and more flexible in the afternoon.

Exercise is a good stress reliever after a long day.

Strength is at its peak in the afternoon.

One of the major advantages of working out in the evening is that you are better able to focus on your exercises because most of the days worries are already behind you. You can relax and just have fun with working out. Working out in the evening also has the added benefit of giving you a deeper, more relaxed, and generally better quality of sleep at night.


Diets often fail. One reason I think dieting fails is that diets center around “deprivation”.  One definition of deprivation is –The lack or denial of something considered to be a necessity.  Now how positive does that sound? 🙂
If you think of all the things you’re NOT going to be able to have, you often only think about what you’re missing.  Eventually, you end up cheating and feeling bad about yourself. Instead of thinking about all the things that you’ll miss from your diet, how about thinking of the good things you will add to your diet. This mind trick is really effective! Instead of saying to yourself something like “I’m going to have to give up sweets and  fast food”, say  “I am going to add more vegetables and fruits into my diet, daily”.   The opposite of “deprivation” is “supply”. So, think of all the ways you can supply your body with healthier foods and new ways to be more active, rather than what you will be depriving your body of!

Satisfy your “Sweet Tooth” !

My food confession is that I LOVE chocolate! Chocolate is one of my most favorite things in the world. I think it stems from my childhood.  I couldn’t eat chocolate as a kid for a few years because of allergies. Once I was allowed to have it again, I wanted some everyday. I am always trying to improve my eating, on my healthy lifestyle journey. I can do great with choosing better/healthier options for my meals.  But chocolate is always calling my name! So, I try to find other options that help satisfy my sweet tooth. I have to be honest, nothing satisfies me like a good chocolate chip cookie, brownie, or piece of  chocolate cake but there are some options available that can do the job without packing on the same amount of calories, and have less sugar content.

1. Fruit salad. Fruit is naturally sweet and makes an excellent choice for those who are trying to watch their weight but still satisfy a sweet tooth.

2. Sugar-free pudding. Pudding can be an excellent way to satisfy a chocolate craving. Even add a dollop of light whipped topping

3. Smoothies. Mixing frozen strawberries and bananas with milk will taste like a milkshake. Add some protein powder for an extra nutritious punch.

4. Popsicles. These snacks are low calorie and taste great on a hot summer day.

5. Yogurt parfait. Using plain yogurt, fruits and granola, you can make a tasty parfait.

6. Chocolate-dipped strawberries. These are another excellent way to get a sweet fix. Most of the bulk of the dessert is a fruit. You can also dip other fruits in chocolate as well. Bananas and pears are a couple of tasty favorites.

7. Baked apples. You can even sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg on them.

8. Angel food cake with sliced fresh berries. You can even add light whipped topping

9.Reduced fat fudgesicle

10.3 regular Hershey’s kisses

If you eat slowly and savor each bite,  you’ll find that these small portion, healthier alternatives will surprise you with their ability to tame the cravings and help you stay on a healthy eating program.

You don’t have a lot of time and you’re hungry. You pull up to the drive through and in less than 20 minutes you can eat a “meal” and feel full. Well, have you ever wondered how much you’ve really consumed in that short amount of time? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. This is just a count for fries and a burger. I’m not even including the burgers with cheese, bacon, onion rings and peppers on it :)-well, not yet!