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On a daily basis, do you choose healthy food options?  Watch your portion sizes? Exercise? Make yourself a priority? Surround yourself with positive influences and people?

If you’ve answered no to all or some of these, remember, “YOU GET OUT OF YOUR BODY WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!”

Staying focused and being disciplined is not an easy thing. But the long term benefits will outweigh ANY short-term gratification.

Put yourself first and take care of the “temple” you’ve been given, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Tips to help get tight abs !

How does one achieve a tight and flat stomach?

There are so many infomercials that make false promises about a machine that will give you abs to die for and 10,000 other diet aids and gadgets that never tell you the truth.  A lying abdominal machine will not give you a flat stomach, a seated abdominal machine will not give you a flat stomach and 1,000 crunches per day will not give you a flat stomach.

It takes work to achieve a flat stomach.  Is this easy? No, it’s not easy. That’s why so few people have flat and tight abs. As in most cases in life, the things we want and desire usually take some degree of sacrifice.

Here are a few tips to help get tight abs and a flat mid-section…

NUTRITION: This is the most important component to achieving a flat stomach. Eat every two to three hours throughout the day.  This is best accomplished by consuming four to six meals per day.  A meal might be…chicken with one-half cup of rice and a large salad with some oil and vinegar or an egg white omelet (with vegetables) and oatmeal with some blueberries.

 CALORIES: If you consume too many calories, you will not be able to flatten your stomach. Simply reducing your calories by 200 will help.

WEIGHT TRAIN: Three to four workout sessions lasting no more than 35 minutes to an hour will do the trick. For every pound of muscle on your body, you’ll burn 30-50 additional calories per day. Part of your program should include abdominal exercises to strengthen and build the abs.

CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE: Perform three to five days per week of moderate cardio exercise for approximately 30-40 minutes.  If you’re a beginner, then remember to increase gradually.

CONSISTENCY: You’ll need to be on a good nutrition program six days a week with one day being somewhat of a cheat day. A cheat day is not an excuse to gorge yourself!  So, on Sunday for example, you could have some pizza, a sensible portion of ice cream, etc. But nothing extreme!

As promised, here is another item you can use to exercise that’s right in your home. No more excuses if you don’t have weights or other exercise equipment.

While it might seem like a clunky option, a good thick hardcover book can be great for strengthening the core muscles. Look to a thick volume, such as a hardcover dictionary, to use in abdominal exercises such as crunches.

  • Keep the book on your chest as you’re lifting your abs and middle up, but be sure not to strain your neck.
  • You can use the book in doing exercises that focus more on your lower abs as well. Lie flat on your back with your arms fully extended above you, holding the book. Using only your stomach muscles to propel the movement, lift your shoulders straight off the ground, keeping the rest of your body flat.
  • For another lower abs weight exercise, sit on a chair with your legs together and extended in front of you, feet about eight inches off the ground. Balance the book on your shins and slowly lift your legs up, keeping them extended. Lower and repeat.(