Don’t have a lot of time but still want to get in your workout for the day? If you put your all into a short workout, you don’t need a lot of time to see and feel results. Here are some high intensity moves you can do within 20-25 minutes.

Do as many reps as you can within the time frame for each exercise. If you can’t do the exercises with the jumps you can do a modified version without the jump and still feel the benefit. NO EXCUSES! 🙂

  • Jump Squats for 30 seconds – At the lowest point in your squat, explode up by leaping off the ground.
  • Squat Reach Jumps for 30 seconds – Squat, touching the floor with your fingertips, and explode up into a jump with your hands reaching up as high as possible.
  • Leapfrog Squats for 30 seconds – Wide leg squats and jumps.
  • Gap Jumps for 30 seconds – Leap forward as far as possible, and then leaping back.
  • Squat Jacks for 30 seconds – Jumping jacks, only landing in a squat position instead of with straight legs.
  • Swing Kicks for 60 seconds – Kick each leg up over and across a stool for one minute.
  • Military Marches for 60 seconds – This is intended as a break — you march in place slowly, lifting your legs until they’re perpendicular to your body.

Start from the  top and Repeat exercises consecutively for the amount of time you plan to work out.