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Summer is here!

Are you ready for summer? Is your body ready for summer? Time to ditch the heavy clothes and enjoy the outdoors. If you’re not quite ready to shed those clothes, here are some tips for summer to get  you ready and in shape.

Hang your favorite summer outfit where you’ll see it every day. 
Dig out an old favorite that you’ve longed to fit into again, then put it in a prominent place so that your goal of wearing it stays top of mind.

Let your family in on what you’re up to. 

Tell your co-workers and tell everyone about your weight-loss mission. Telling people keeps you accountable. Accountability is a motivator.

Kick off your efforts with a token gift to yourself. 

Buy yourself a gift that will help you with your efforts, for example walking shoes, a pedometer, a nice workout outfit, even an iTunes gift card so you can download your favorite workout tracks. The idea is that now, you’re invested in yourself. ”

Take advantage of longer days. 
More daylight hours means more time for physical activity outside and off of the couch!

Skip the elevator.
Taking the stairs at work or any building can help you shed pounds and maintain your cardiovascular health.

Eat breakfast. 
Eating a healthy, fiber-filled breakfast can curb hunger for up to 18 hours a day, so you don’t crave simple carbs and sugar, and you’ll also eat less at lunch and dinner.

Cut 100 calories a day. 

Be diligent about finding ways to trim a mere 100 calories from what you eat every day, and this subtle change can add up to about 10 pounds lost in a year.
1. Swap regular soda  for water.
2. Trade your morning latte (a 16 ounce with whole milk can have 220 calories and 11 grams of fat) for coffee with reduced-fat milk (15 calories, 0.6 grams fat) or black (4 calories, 0 fat).
3. Have a cup of watermelon chunks (46 calories) in place of a bag of Sun Chips (140 calories, 6 grams fat).

Have a drink.
 Instead of soda,juice or alchohol, which can be packed with empty calories, reach for wate!! If you find plain water too bland, no-calorie flavored waters are a good choice. So is seltzer with a dash of juice. You can also fill a pitcher with filtered water and sliced frui

Snack before you eat your meals. 
Having a snack about 20 to 30 minutes before you sit down to eat will help, so you don’t feel like eating as much. But be careful what you snack on. Grab a small handful of walnuts or a piece of fruit. That’s not only because of their filling fiber, but also because nuts and fruit both contain antioxidants, which play a special, if somewhat indirect role, in weight loss too.

Fill your plate with summer fruits and vegetables.
Brightly-colored fruits and vegetables are chock full of the antioxidants we just mentioned. And, let’s not forget, they’re rich in fiber and low in calories (provided you don’t drench them in high-calorie dressings or toppings) so you can eat heartily without worrying that you’re “overeating.”

Eat dessert in the afternoon.
Dr. Oz says, following a big meal with a sugary-dessert, produces a surge of insulin which in turn socks away all the calories you ate at dinner as fat, so you do not want to do this at night before going to bed.


This is my arm 🙂

Today’s post is about something that’s near and dear to my heart. I don’t like to hear other moms say things like “I don’t have time to work out”, “I’m too tired”, “I work full time” etc, etc… The bottom line is, you can keep making excuses, or find ways to get fit (once it is a real priority for you).  I am a mom and work full time too but I make it a PRIORITY to work out. It’s not my most favorite thing in the world to do but I get up earlier than I have to in the morning (6 days a week), so I can get my workouts in and I’m done for the day!  If you’re ready to make yourself and your health a priority, here are 25 fitness tips for busy moms (from The American Council on Exercise).

1. Put Yourself on the CalendarEvery weekend sit down and set times to workout throughout the week. Pre-planning gives you time to make adjustments and make it work!
2. PLAY with Your KidsThe towels can sit in the basket a little longer, get up and be the tagger!
3. Workout at the ParkThe park is an outdoor gym waiting to be used! There is nothing like getting in some step-ups, tricep dips and push-ups at the picnic table.
4. Keep a Resistance Band in the CarA resistance band is the perfect addition to the half of your house you take in the car. You’ve got 15 minutes until practice is over – why not!
5. Pre-Plan Your WorkoutsKnow what you want to achieve each week, making sure you have a balanced workout.
6. Use a Fitness DVDEspecially with little ones, there are days when you just don’t make it out the door. Have a couple workouts that you like and can pop in during nap time.
7. Pack Your Lunch TooPack your own healthy lunch so you can avoid the fast-food run during your lunch break.
8. Create a 30-Minute, At-Home WorkoutThe unpredictibility of the day sometimes presents little windows of opportunity that we didn’t expect. When it does, be prepared with a workout that is ready to go.
9. Play Date for Kids = Fitness Date for MomsWhile it may not run as smooth as a group fitness class in a gym, it gives you the opportunity to workout with friends. Milestones and gossip can all be discussed during sets of squats and lunges!
10. Embrace the PlankOne of the best exercises to work your back and abs and all you need is yourself.
11. Don’t Indulge in your Children’s SnacksLeave the cookies and macaroni and cheese for the kids. A few handfuls here and a few bites there leads to unwanted pounds here!
12. Develop a Support SystemSurrounding yourself with people who encourage and support your fitness goals is crucial to your adherence.
13. Get Your Z’sSetting a bed time for yourself can be the difference in being a happy and healthy, energized mommy.
14. Use WeightsLifting dumbbells is not going to make you look like He-man. Resistance training is key to being toned, reducing body fat and increasing bone mineral density.
15. Find a Gym with ChildcareIf finding a sitter is what keeps you from working out, sign up at a gym that offers it.
16. Find What Motivates YouMaybe it’s your 20-year reunion or the competitor within, know yourself to move yourself.
17. Maximize the HouseworkScrubbing is no easy job, put some muscle into it and keep it continuous for a squeaky clean workout.
18. Challenge the KidsWhat kid doesn’t want to do something “better” than mom? Set up an obstacle course in the yard or put on your helmet and “tour de France” the neighborhood.
19. Do What You LikeIncorporate activities that you enjoy! If you enjoy it, you will find a way to keep doing it.
20. De-StressDon’t laugh, it is possible! Exercise is an excellent stress reliever. Looking for something more – try some Yoga or Tai Chi.
21. Use Your BabyIncorporating your baby into your workout provides some extra resistance for you and fun for them!
22. Set an ExampleMonkey see, monkey do. Don’t be surprised when your kid(s) join in your living room kickboxing workout and have a blast.
23. Invest in Your ShoesWhether you are jogging, walking or taking a class, wearing the proper supportive shoes for the activity will help prevent unnecessary injuries.
24. Set GoalsWhether you want to get in 3 workouts this week or complete a 5k, setting goals will keep you on track. Hang your chart next to the potty chart, and you both get prizes!
25. Love YourselfYou have the most important job in the world and you are awesome! Believe it and feel it!